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Unity LCM

Manual Lay end cloth cutting machine


Unity lay end cloth cutter

Unity LCM manual lay end cloth cutting machine comprising:

Cloth cutting machine head with rotary blade, counter blade, sharpener, counter, counter weight and manual push/pull handle.

Cutting end track, with mechanical lifters, for mounting onto your own cutting table up-to 245cm wide or smaller.

Maximum fabric end cut width up-to 215cm approximately. 

Cutting track is easy to modify to suit mounting on table widths from 100cm to 245cm.

Simple to install and used by clothing and textile manufacturers.


  • Cutting head with rotary blade, counter blade and self sharpener.
  • Track mounted for easy straight line lay end cutting.
  • Simple to use manual lifting device.
  • Can be used on tables up to 245cm wide.
  • Cutting width up to 215cm.
  • Lay Depth up to 28cm (approx. 11")
  • UK model 230V 50Hz

    775 +VAT

    In stock

lay end cutter and cutting track

Optional clamping end rail & lifters (opposite end) available at extra cost

Unity Lay End Fabric Cutter


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