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Rasor DS502

Hand held round knife cloth cutting machine

Discontinued and replaced by Rasor DS503


Rasor DS502 cloth cutting machine

Rasor DS502 hand held round knife cloth cutting machine fitted with 50mm (approx. 2") blade and carbide counter blade for scissor like precision cutting.

This versatile industrial cutting machine is for use with many materials; It is light weight, highly manoeuvrable and suitable for every day production use.

Ideal for pattern and sample cutting or cutting small lays etc. 

A 7 sided round knife blade is fitted as standard, which is in constant contact with the counter blade, to give scissor actuate cutting with-out operator fatigue.

Rasor machines are manufactured in Europe so you can be assured they meet with the relevant EC machinery safety directives and the applied CE mark actually means something (unlike some copy machines).

Specification:Round knife cloth cutting bladeCloth Cutting machine blade
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
  • Blade Size: 50mm
  • Counter Blade Yes
  • Blade speed: 1700 rpm
  • Cutting Capacity: up-to 8mm
  • Weight with cable: 900g

Various blade options


Quality European Cloth Cutter

Rasor FP50 air powered cloth cutter available.


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