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 Round knife cloth cutting machine


Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine with 120mm blade

and Counter Blade


Rasor round knife cloth cutting machine 120mm

Rasor industrial round knife cloth cutting machine fitted with 120mm (4.72") blade and carbide counter blade for scissor like precision cutting.

This versatile cutting machine is mounted on a low friction roller bearing base for use with many materials including:  cloth, leather, polymer sheeting, insulation, padding, neoprene sheets, filters, synthetic fibres, upholstery etc.

By using superior European quality materials, including the blade and counter blade, this model is offered for everyday production use. A powerful 200w electric motor is fitted with thermal overload fuse and a maximum cutting capacity of up-to 50mm* is available

A multipurpose round blade, made from high speed steel, has eight cutting edges which are always in contact with the counter blade (an optional fully round blade is available for very light materials). 

In order to prevent accidental starts, a red safety handle is fitted. The trigger on the handle must be pushed before the handle will operate and a separate on/off switch is fitted on top of machine. Releasing the red safety handle immediately cuts power to the motor.

Rasor machines are manufactured in Europe so you can be assured they meet with the relevant EC machinery safety directives and the applied CE mark actually means something (unlike some copy machines).


cloth cutting machine handle

  • Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
  • Blade Size: 120mm
  • Counter Blade: Yes
  • Blade speed: 850 rpm
  • Cutting Capacity: up-to 50mm*
  • Weight with cable (net): 3.4Kg
*Cutting capacity subject to materials used

Rasor red safety handle

Quality European Cloth Cutter

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