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Highlead GC1998 MDZ

Single needle sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer and

Direct Drive Motor System

Highlead GC1998 MDZ direct drive sewing machine

Highlead GC1998 MDZ lockstitch industrial sewing machine with automatic under-bed thread trimmer featuring a direct drive motor system.

A powerful compact servo motor is fitted directly inside the sewing machine head which replaces the bulky motor fitted under the table on conventional models.  The machine was jointly developed by Highlead & Mitsubishi as a true direct drive model and should not be confused with adapted add-on style direct drive models.

The Highlead Direct Drive motor system offers improvements including:  quick start and stop, accurate positioning, low noise, little vibration, smooth acceleration and greater responsiveness for the operator.

Highlead Direct Drive also eliminates the need for a motor drive belt (connecting conventional table mounted motors to the sewing machine head) offering improved safety with no exposed belts or additional belt guards etc.

GC1998-MDZ is equipped with a automatic thread trimmer which is mounted under the needle plate for quick & accurate cutting of thread at the end of a sewing cycle. This saves considerable time when compared with manual cutting of threads using scissors etc.

The position of the needle is controlled electronically and will automatically put the needle in an UP or DOWN position at the end of a sewing cycle: reducing the need to use the manual hand wheel. 

This premium model has a longer arm with 300mm clearance to the right of needle, which is around 15% bigger than conventional models, and makes it easier to move and position materials etc.

Direct Drive Motor System

incorporated inside the sewing machine

Direct Drive Sewing Machine motor

A minimum oiling system has been incorporated which is supplied from a mini lubrication box, which feeds the necessary areas via sealed pipes, and a sealed aluminium sump sheild, which greatly reduces contamination and oil staining of the working area.

Efficiency comes as standard with the energy saving servo motor being optimized and only running when you are actually stitching.  The motor drive is transmitted directly inside the sewing machine head, with-out a v-belt, further reducing energy loss.

Sewing machine stitch program

The Highlead GC1998 MDZ has many programmable & time saving functions which include: 

  • Automatic start & end back-tack, 
  • Stitch sewing program, 
  • Multi stitch count program, 
  • Label sewing,
  • Bar-tacking options etc. 

These functions can be set & switched on or off from the included digital stitch control panel.

As well as the automatic thread trimmer, electronic functions and wider sewing arm, it still has the standard features which users are familiar with. e.g.: manual reverse lever, stitch adjusting dial, top mounted bobbin winder, hand or knee operated foot lifter etc. 

These standard features have also been complimented with the fitting of: a knuckle operated reverse device which is positioned just above the sewing foot area and allows operators to put the machine in reverse with-out having to move their hand to the manual lever. An electric thread wiper controls the thread end after cutting and helps reduce thread bunching-up when you start sewing.

An optional automatic electric foot lifter device is available and fits on the back of the sewing machine head (if fitted this replaces manual knee lifter).



Highlead GC1998-MDZ

  • Max sewing speed: 5000spm
  • Stitch length: 1-4mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 31.8mm
  • Presser foot lift by hand: 6mm
  • Presser foot lift by foot: 13mm
  • Lubrication: Mini central box type
  • Working space 300 x 135mm
  • Motor: Direct Drive, built into machine head


Highlead GC1998 MDZ Sewing Machine Video



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