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Juki Sewing Machines


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Juki DDL-8700B-7

Industrial sewing machine with

automatic thread trimmer


**Discontinued** see newer model DDL-900A


Juki DDL-8700B-7


The Juki DDL-8700B-7 has been introduced to replace the DDL-8700A-7 model.  It offers a new lower price by integrating the motor and control as part of the sewing machine head.

It is a value priced direct-drive, high-speed, lockstitch industrial sewing machine with an automatic thread trimmer and electronically controlled needle position motor.

In making this B model Juki used the established DDL-8700-7 model and adapted it by fitting a direct drive style motor system in place of the usual under bench motor.     

Updates on the DDL-8700B-7 model include a built-in LED needle light which illuminates the area around the sewing foot.  A newly designed control panel has been better integrated into the motor housing and now offers more automatic stitch control functions. The main on/off switch is fitted on top of the machine and allows for quicker and easier assembly on to its included unit stand and table top (In Europe a different and larger on/off switch may be mounted under the wooden table top).

By providing a presser foot with a higher lift of 13mm, a light-touch stitch dial, a throat plate with marker grooves
that can be used as guide for seam allowance and other easy-to-operate functions the burden on the
operator is lightened and productivity is further increased.


Juki DDL8700B-7 with thread trimmer


Juki DDL 8700B control box

Control panel built-in to motor housing.



DDL-8700B-7 specification


DDL8700B-7 PDF leaflet

Juki DDL8700B PDF Instructions


**Discontinued** see newer model DDL-900A


Juki sewing machine logo

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Coming Soon Juki DDL9000C series

with digital control drive mechanism.


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