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Steam Generator and Industrial Irons

Braithwaite GAK4E

990 +VAT

Braithwaite GAK4E self-contained steam generator for use with 1 or 2 electric hand steam irons.

Designed for industrial use in the Clothing & textile industry including manufacturers, laundries, ironing Services and other allied industries.

Maximum rating of 6.4kW powered by 3 phase 380-415V or single phase* 220-240V supply (subject to model)

The GAK4E industrial steam generator is automatic and self monitoring. The operator fills the cold water tank and switches the unit on; then the electronically controlled water pump fills and tops-up the internal stainless steel pressurized heating chamber as needed.

Cold water is added in small controlled amounts; so you don't loose pressure or temperature, allowing you to continue working with-out interruption. 

The top mounted solenoid values are user adjustable allowing you to control & set the flow of steam supplied to the industrial steam irons.


Standard Features:

  • Metal full length industrial cabinet with 4x casters.
  • Internal stainless steel heating chamber.
  • 4kW heating element mounted in the middle of the pressure chamber.
  • Built-in visual steam pressure gauge. Set at a working pressure of up to 3.5 bar
  • Automatic filling 400w industrial water pump.
  • Electronically controlled automatic water level monitor.
  • Easy to fill Internal cold water tank.
  • Pre set pressure regulator fitted
  • Safety element thermostat fitted.
  • 2x User adjustable solenoid valves, allowing you to control & set the flow of steam.
  • 2x Electrical equipment sockets. For use with up-to two industrial irons or steam guns & steaming handles. 
  • Blow down / service drain tap.
  • 3 phase 380-415V or single phase* 220-240V power supply (subject to model)
  • Designed & manufactured in Europe to strict quality standards.
  • Manufacturers UK service centre for supply of spares, technical support and repairs.  

*minimum 32amp connection unit required. 






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