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TAL & TAR HEATED VACUUM TABLES (pressing / ironing)

From J. Braithwaite & Co. (S.M.) Ltd


TAL Utility (Ladies Style)

Fully self-contained

Heated work area

Powerful vacuum

Standard 13 amp plug

Easily installed

Heated Vacuum table industrial ironing


TAR (Rectangular)

Fully self-contained

Heated work area

Powerful vacuum

Standard 13 amp plug

Easily installed

Rectangular shape

Tar rectangular heated vacuum table

Tal & TAR heated vacuum tables

The Tal & Tar Vacuum tables are an ideal partner to our Gak steam generator, or other steam generators, and are used when you require a dry, clean, pressed garment. 

     They are fitted with an electrically heated ironing surface which is thermostatically controlled to help reduce pressing dampness and a powerful self-contained vacuum motor: which draws the steam through the garment giving professional finished results which last longer and are quicker to achieve.  

     As standard they come with a floor level foot kick plate, which operates the vacuum, leaving both hands free and a high temperature iron rest.  In addition the Tal vacuum table is fitted with a lower garment tray which is used for work in progress or to keep larger garments from touching the floor.



Optional add-on equipment includes: Heated swing away arm kits - different shaped arm bucks - overhead suspension kits - overhead lighting kits and specially made to order options include: 3phase versions - vacuum and blowing versions.

TAL-H & TAR-H height adjustable tables.

Also Available are Models: TAL-H & TAR-H fully height adjustable tables.  These are similar to the TAL & TAR tables and come fitted with a spring assisted, height adjusting column, which has a large range of setting. This allows you to set the tables working height to suit an individual operator including: the tall or small user, who may find other restricted height tables uncomfortable when used for long periods of time.

Typical set-up:

2x Tal300 heated vacuum tables with optional heated sleeve arms, positioned either side of an industrial steam generator fitted with 2 steam irons. (Gak / M28)

Industrial stream ironing set

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Tal & Tar vacuum pressing/ironing table for use alongside industrial steam irons. Designed & manufactured in Europe to strict quality standards (beware of far eastern "Look alike" copies).

*Photos show optional heated sleeve arm kit & industrial steam iron which are available at extra cost

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