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Energy Saving Servo motors available from Braithwaite



Linzbek LB600C

Quiet Servo Motor for Sewing Machines

Energy Saving with digital speed control

130 +VAT


linzbek LB600C servo motor


The Linzbek LB600C servo motor offers greater energy efficiently, when compared to a conventional clutch motor, with energy savings of up to 70%.   

The noise that is normally associated with industrial sewing motors is reduced considerably with the LB600C operating quietly while you are sewing and silent when paused or in standby.

It can be fitted to many different new industrial sewing machine models including flatbeds, over-lockers, walking foot and blind-stitch machines etc. The Rotation direction can be changed to suit.

It employs a standard mounting system which offers an upgrade option for sewing machine owners who want to swop their old inefficient or noisy motor, for a brand new quiet energy saving servo motor.

The Linzbek LB600C features electronic acceleration control allowing the user to start slowly and gradually increase speed by pressing the sewing machine foot treadle.  Acceleration is smooth and under the users control to allow a comfortable running speed matched to the job at hand. 

The maximum top running speed, up to 3800rpm, is adjustable by simply pushing the speed & mode buttons.  It is controlled digitally for accuracy and displayed on the panel.


Linzbek LB600C

  • up-to 600W 3/4hp 230V 50Hz
  • up to 70% energy savings
  • Quiet running - silent in standby
  • Brushless (no carbon brushers to wear out)
  • Variable power output
  • Smooth acceleration control
  • Digital speed control (push button)
  • Rotation control (push button)
  • Self diagnostic system with report codes
  • Overload protection

The LB600C is a third generation servo motor, doing away with analogue speed dials, no/poor speed control, carbon brushes and old style motors designs. 

Linzbek's electronics and system firmware feature self diagnostics; with report codes and overload protection.  Variable power output automatically adapts to the sewing machine load, decreasing or increasing power when necessary.

Also available: Linzbek LB610C/LB650C-NP servo motor with electronic needle position

Linzbek LB600C

Quiet Servo Motor


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