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R3000 Sheet Hemming & Elasticating Sewing Machine.

Sheet Hemming Unit

increased Production

This Unit is already in use with household textile manufacturers in the UK, who have reported large increases in production when compared with manual elastic insertion systems.

Realistic production figures of up to 80* pieces per hour are attainable within the first few months of use, with some manufacturers reporting up to 90* pieces per hour.

This semi-automatic sheet hemming, elasticating and cut & re-entry unit, is a break through in technology aimed at increasing production & consistency in the manufacture of elasticated fitted sheets.

The whole process of hemming & elasticating a fitted sheet is de-skilled, with the machine automatically controlling the position of the elastic, the amount of stretch and the length of corners.

It is electronically controlled with the operator entering the required measurements into the control panel, after which the machine will produce the same constant elasticated corners, with the elastic cut to the same size & positioned at the indicated places, time after time.

A fitted sheet with 4 separate corners can be produced in a non-stop operation, with the elastic inserted, cut and re-inserted, while the sheet is being hemmed. There is no need to slow-down or stop.

An experienced machinist only requires a few hours training and after a few days familiarisation you should be able to exploit the full production potential of this unit.


Electronically controlled forced air elastic insertion assembly combined with sheet hemming guide / folder

In-line elastic feeding & hemming combined with bottom feed, needle feed and pre-fitted close coupled rear puller feed unit.


Semi Automatic combined hemming & elasticating of fitted sheets.

Elastic at:  2 ends  or  4 corners  or  all the way round*.

For more information please ring:  0843 289 7560.

*Production figures & increases in production listed above are approximate & based on information
 received from manufacturers already using this equipment, they may not apply to your operation.
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