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  Used Industrial Sewing Machines - Lockstitch with Cylinder Arm






Singer133KSinger 133K large extra heavy duty sewing machine with cylinder arm and roller presser foot assembly.

Extra large hook and bobbin for sewing with thick threads on heavy work.

Heavy leather stitcher.

Complete with unit stand and single phase clutch motor. (standard 13amp plug)

Only 1190 +VAT


Adler69Adler 69 -373 cylinder arm sewing machine with walking foot, need feed and bottom feed (triple feed)

Single phase 240V standard UK plug for home or factory use.

Serviced, tested with warranty.

1290 +VAT

Adler (Durkopp Adler)105Adler 105 -6 extra heavy duty cylinder arm industrial sewing machine.

Roller presser foot assembly for use with heavy leather, belts, tack, straps, bags etc.

Large shuttle hook for use with thick threads & heavy weight materials.

Serviced & tested including used machine warranty.

1450 +VAT

Pfaff28 209Feed up the arm cylinder arm lockstitch machine special hard to find model1/3

Plus other Makes & Model


Cylinder Arm Walking Foot -- Budget Machines

 MakeModelDescription Phase Notes
Singer108Singer 108 cylinder arm with walking foot (bottom feed, needle feed and top walking foot feed)

Old model for customers on a budget

Serviced and tested with 3 months RTB warranty.

610 +VAT 


Budget machines are serviced, tested & supplied with warranty.

Cylinder Arm - Part exchanged & clearance machines  






SeikoCW-7BNeedle feed Cylinder arm with reverse.1/31 only
Singer47W 53Singer lockstitch Cylinder arm machine. Vertical axis hook.

Top walking foot.

Head only 325 +VAT

H/O325 +VAT
Singer154 W 101Twin needle, needle feed, cylinder arm lockstitch machine (Blue/grey)

Spares or repairs use only 150

Adler69-362Narrow cylinder arm with bottom & Needle feed only, parts missing

For spares or repairs (incomplete)

Spares or repairs use 125

Adler69-373older revision model Narrow cylinder arm with walking foot, well used and and parts missing

For spares or repairs (incomplete)

Spares or repairs use 160


Important information about part exchanged clearance items

Highlead GC1088 @ 390 offer
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