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Industrial Sewing Machines Used - Twin Needle Lockstitch wide gauge






BrotherLT2 B842-3 3TBrother B842 twin needle lockstitch sewing machine converted with extra wide 65mm gauge for sewing 3" curtain Tape.

With back mounted puller feed unit, top tape guide assembly and reserve feed puller lifter

1690.00 +VAT

1/3curtain tape attaching Brother B842 machine

3" curtain tape sewing machine B842
BrotherLT2 B832-3 3TBrother twin needle lockstitch sewing machine converted with special extra wide gauge for sewing 3" curtain Tape.

With back mounted puller feed unit

950.00 +VAT

Pfaff1242 -012-006-66Twin needle lockstitch converted with 66mm extra wide gauge for curtain tape with puller feed unit & efka needle position motor. Yellow machine, large hook & bases.

Auto foot lifter

Optional auto puller lifter (air)

31 available


Twin Needle walking foot lockstitch - Part exchanged & clearance machines  






Pfaff146Pfaff 146 twin needle walking foot sewing machine on unit.

obsolete Pfaff model sold as-is



Important notes on part exchanged & clearance machines


Used Sewing Machines - Twin Needle Walking Foot Lockstitch
 MakeModelDescription Phase Notes
SeikoLSW-28BLSeiko LSW-28BL twin needle walking foot sewing machine.

White colour

Japanese made model

Poplar with Bouncy castle & upholstery works

220-240V standard 13amp plug for home or factory use.

1350 +VAT


Seiko LSW-28BL

Durkopp Adler267Durkopp Adler 267-73/273 twin needle walking foot triple feed sewing machine.

Large hook, heavy duty

Genuine German made Durkopp Adler.

12mm Gauge set

230V standard 13amp plug

Serviced and tested with used machine warranty.

1550 +VAT

Adler67-273Adler 67 twin needle walking foot sewing machine (273 class)

German built robust heavy duty model.

Tested stitching, appears in reasonable condition. See photo.

Part exchanged budget machine with 30days warranty.

590 +VAT


Durkopp Adler220 76-273
Adler 220 Extra Heavy duty sewing machines.
30" long arm model

Twin needle walking foot, needle feed + bottom feed. (triple feed)

2x extra large hooks.

Updated on modern unit stand and table top with heavy duty clutch motor.

2900 +VAT


Singer7-27 (7 class)Singer 7 specialist extra heavy duty walking foot industrial sewing machine with 2x extra large shuttle hooks.

Hard to find twin needle version, but can also be used single needle by talking a needle out.

One of the heaviest production sewing machines every made by Singer.

Head only 900

 Head only


Highlead GC1088 @ 390 offer
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