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Electronic bartack sewing machine

Highlead HLK-03 BT

(Mitsubishi PLK type)

Mitusbishi / Highlead Bartack sewing machine
Highlead HLK03
Highlead Mitsubishi bartack sewing machine
Electronic bartack Mitsubishi PLK Highlead HLK
highlead bartack sewing machine
Highlead HLK03 electronic bartack sewing machine (as new)

Different bar-tack stitch patterns built-in (including the most popular 21, 28, 36 & 42 stitch patterns) with push button adjustable length & width scale.

Machine is in as new or very close to new condition, being our own display model.

Mechanically identical to the equivalent Mitsubishi PLK model (OEM branded Highlead under licence) and fitted with the genuine Japanese made Mitsubishi BT-CU-20 electronic bartack control system and Mitsubishi Limiservo XL-G series servo motor.

Assembled on matching workstation unit stand with wooded table top.

220-240V standard UK plug.

no longer available

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