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Highlead HLK-03 BT

Highlead HLK-03BT Electronic multi programme bar-tack sewing machine with XY stepping control.

Assembled with unit stand, Japanese Mitsubishi electronic control panel and Limiservo X  G series motor.

(Mitsubishi designed with Highlead branding. Mechanically identical to the equivalent Mitsubishi PLK model)

16 different pre-programmed patterns included to suit most standard bar-tacking operations i.e. 21,28,36 and 42 stitch (optionally up-to 100 additional patterns can be stored internally).  Up to 30mm x 30mm sewing area.

220-240V, standard 13amp plug.

Display model in close to new condition, ready set-up to use in our showroom.


 highlead HLK Mitsubishi PLK
highlead HLK-03 Mitsubishi PLK-03
highlead HLK Mitsubishi PLK bartack
Highlead HLK03 electronic bartack
Mitsubishi PLK control box

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