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Brother new Industrial Sewing Machines


Brother SL1110  400 +VAT  [Discontinued 2012]

This model has been replaced by the Brother S-1110A

Offer Price includes: table top, unit stand, motor, instructions, manufacturers accessories and warranty.



Brother SL-1110 [Discontinued]

High Speed single needle lockstitch machine.

Brother SL1110 sewing machine


The SL-1110 (Replaces: models DB2 B755 MKIII & SL 755) is a standard Brother industrial high speed single needle lockstitch sewing machine.  

As the replacement for the older established models including B755 MKIII & SL 755, the Brother SL1110 model is designed as a general "work-horse" industrial sewing machine for use on light to medium weight material etc.  

If you are looking for a single needle, straight sewing, lockstitch machine; the Brother SL 1110 is well worth considering.

Visitors are welcome to come & try the Brother SL-1110 at our Salford / Manchester warehouse.


Brother SL-1110-3
SL-1110-3 model
With Brother Brand embossed in the casting.
PDF Leaflet SL1110
PDF Instructions Brother SL1110

Brother SL-1110-3 & Brother SL-1110-5 available in the UK

Brother Latest Direct Drive model S-7200C

Used Brother DB2-B755 machines

Brother SL-1110-3 sewing machine

Brother SL1110  400 +VAT  [Discontinued 2012]

SL1110 has been replaced by the new Brother S-1110A

Also available Highlead GC1088 @ 390

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