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Used Bonadex Sewing Machines






BrotherDT4-B281 -20Brother B281 4 needle elasticator sewing machine with

Back puller feed

Electronic programmable front meter device.

Good condition, expensive when new

1590 +VAT

1/3Brother DT4 B281

Brother B281 chainstitch sewing machine

Kansai1404 PMD E4 needle bonadex machine

with programmable electronic tension control.

Good condition fitted with short system folder.   See Photo

1650 +VAT

1/3Kansai Special 1404 PMD bonadex
Union Special54200 G4 needle chainstitch bonadex sewing machine

Including back puller feed device & front elastic control meter device.

Currently fitted with bonadex spiral folder device.

Assembled on mobile unit stand

950 +VAT
1/3Union Special 54200 bonadex sewing machine
Kansai1404 PMD4 Needle elasticator with puller feed & front meter device

set with new style short bonadex folder

1/3Kansai Special 1404 pmd
Union Special54200 J4 Needle elasticator with puller feed & front meter device, Cream on full union FOA unit stand1/3union special 54200 J
Union Special54200 FZ4 needle chainstitch machine with puller feed & front metre device (Brown) Union special 54200 FZ
 Union Special54200 KAZ4 needle bonadex machine

with puller feed, efka needle position motor

and flexmatic electronic elastication system

 Union Special 54200 KAZ
Rimoldi264 11 4EL 09Rimoldi 4 Needle elasticator with back puller feed

& front meter device for use with bonadex elastic

1/3Rimoldi 264


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