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Used Industrial Sewing Machines - Chainstitch Single Needle






Rimoldi274 16 1MD 06 538

(F74-16-1MD-06 538)

Rimoldi Fenix 274 (F74) mock linking cylinder arm industrial sewing machine single needle.

To attach ring selvedge knitted
straps on knitwear garments. The head produces a stitch similar to linking.

Cylinder bed shape for easy operation and special adjustable guide for insertion of collarette band straps.

Excellent condition see photos

2450 (New approx 6000+)


Rimoldi174 16 1MD 06 538Rimoldi 174 mock linking single needle cylinder arm industrial sewing machine.

With automatic thread trimmer, tension release and auto foot lifter (air controlled)

Complete with unit stand and German Efka electronic needle position motor.

To attach ring selvedge knitted
straps on knitwear garments. The
head produces a stitch similar to
linking. Cylinder bed shape for easy operation and special adjustable guide for insertion of collarette band straps.



Rimoldi264-12 2 mu-01Single needle Chain-stitch sewing machine with side knife and binding assembly.

Top & bottom feed version

nice condition, hard to find second hand.

Serviced and tested before despatch.

Pfaff5483Pfaff 5483 high speed single needle chainstitch seamer, complete on unit stand. reconditioned & repainted.11 only
Pfaff5483-H 900/71Pfaff 5483-H -900/71

Single needle chainstitch seamer with auto thread trimmer (Electro-pneumatically controlled)

White H model, good condition

Including auto reverse and auto foot lifter assembly.

Complete with matching unit stand and heavy duty 3 phase Pfaff/quick needle position motor.



Pfaff3821 -901-3821-001 001special purpose, Top feed, single needle chainstitch with front mounted adjusting levers HEAD ONLY (cream colour) 
Pfaff5642 840 01 731/11 (5642 731)High speed single needle chainstitch machine with side knife1/31 only
Pfaff4141 6BSingle needle, needle feed, flatbed chainstitch machine 1 only
Strobel530Single thread chainstitch basting machine with top & bottom feed & front guide rubbing rollers. (up-to 12mm) (semi-cylinder)H/O
Durkopp929 14185Single needle chainstitch with bottom feed & adjustable top feedH/O1 only
BrotherB962Single chain stitch machine1/32 Available
MitsubishiDM 410Single needle chainstitch flat bed machine 1 only
Union Special51200 BWSingle needle chainstitch flat bed machineh/o1 available
Union Special51300 B ?Single needle chainstitch flat bed machineh/o2 available
 plus others

Used Industrial Sewing Machines - Chainstitch twin needle






Pfaff5642 800/02 57/11/os 6.4High speed twin needle chainstitch 6.4 needle gaugeH/O1 only
Pfaff5642 840/02High speed twin needle chainstitch 6.4 needle gauge, with pleating unit1/3
JukiMH 38Twin needle flatbed chainstitch 1 only
PegasusW1562-05BPegasus W1562-05B 356BS FT0B/MD0A 2/3 needle chainstitch elastic lace attacher.

W1500 series.

Including fabric edge trimming device and elastic tape metering device.

Excellent condition, see photos, previous owner reports machine purchased new for a project which "did not pan-out", therefore had little use.

1795 +VAT


Kansai SpecialDPW-301 PicotKansai special 2 needle special stitch sewing machine.

Picot edge zigzag stitch.

option of using 1 needle for picot edge stitching or 2 needles for double picot join stitching.



Rimoldi263 34 2DR 22/104 20Rimoldi 263 lace attacher

Twin needle chainstitch industrial sewing machine.

With right lower side knife & top meter device.

Hard to find model in Great condition.

Reconditioned with industrial warranty.

1590 +VAT

Rimoldi264 12 2MU 01Twin needle high speed binding machine with side knife

Top & bottom feed,

good condition.

(Can also be converted to single needle version)

Rimoldi261-16-2MD-041 only  
Kansai specialDFB 1402 MrTwin needle chainstitch, set as standard double chainstitch etc.1Good condition.
Union special59300 K16 PleaterUnion special 53900 Twin needle flatbed chainstitch with 2:1 pleater assembly.

Used in the bedding industry etc.

Complete unit

1Nice condition, 1 only
Union Special57100 CTwin needle flatbed chainstitch (cream) 1 only
Union Special51400 BE ZTwin needle chainstitch with puller feed & front metre, tested working, head only or on unit stand


Union Special51400 ZTwin needle chain stitch machine

Special set up for top cover only (pocket facing etc.)

cover stitch on top and 2 rows of standard sewing underneath.

1150 +VAT

Union Special51400 BJtwin needle chain stitch with side knife binder

top & bottom feed.

 Head only
Union Special52700 ZTwin needle chainstitch with puller feed & front metre (Cream)H/O2 Available
Union Special52700 KWTwin needle chainstitchH/O1 available
Union Special52700 BKTwin needle chainstitchH/O1 available
Union Special52800 BVZChainstitch machineH/O1 only
Pegasus / W & G WS42 -81 248 MD32 / RP1Pegasus WS42-81 twin needle with front metre device & back puller feed device.

Very good condition, hardly used.

850 +VAT

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