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Eastman Bluestreak II (Blue streak 2)

From 1530 +VAT


Eastman is one of the best known manufactures of cloth cutting equipment in the world and with the Bluestreak II they have a machine which is widely used & highly respected through-out the textile & clothing industry.

The Eastman Blue Streak II - model 629, is a general purpose  straight knife cloth cutting machine, available in different blade sizes. 

Eastman BlueStreak II 629

It features:
  • A low centre of gravity for ease of use
  • Built-in blade sharpener, using simple inexpensive emery bands
  • Square, low profile base plate with smooth running rollers
  • Built-in oiling system with visual level gauge
  • Quiet single speed industrial motor (dual speed option)

Eastman Blue Streak cloth cutter Eastman emery bands model 629

Built in oil & blade sharpening systems


Eastman Blue Streak II (model 629)

 Used Eastman BlueStreak II available from stock



6" - 8" - 10" - 11.5" or 13" blade size models.

Eastman 627 Brute also available with higher horsepower motor



More info & prices

Spare Blades / Knife for the Eastman 629 Blue streak II available from stock.

We stock spare parts: Eastman, Maimin, Unity, Zest, Linz, KM, Suprena

Similar models available Linz Zest MKII


Used Eastman Bluestreak II 629 & 627 Brute

Eastman Bluestreak II 629 6"

6" blade model 220-240V standard 13amp plug

Technician reconditioned & supplied with 6 months warranty.

Only 735+VAT

Eastman bluestreak 2
Eastman Bluestreak II 629 8"

8" blade model 220-240V standard 13amp plug

Technician reconditioned & supplied with 6 months warranty.

Only 725 +VAT

Eastman bluestreak 8"
Eastman Brute class 627 10"

10" blade and powerful HD motor. 220-240V standard 13amp plug

Technician serviced & supplied with 3 RTB months warranty.

850 +VAT

Eastman Brute
10" Straight Knife Bluestreak II 629

Reconditioned & supplied with 6 months warranty.

Fitted with Auto Stop Safety handle  (normally an expensive optional extra)

Only 795 +VAT

Eastman blue strak II 10"
10" Straight Knife Eastman BlueStreak II

Reconditioned & supplied with 6 months warranty.

725 +VAT  (stock ref E101)

Eastman Bluestreak II 10"
11.5" Straight Knife Blue Streak II 629

High version for cutting wadding / quilting etc.

Reconditioned with warranty

Only 790 +VAT

Eastman 11.5" high cloth cutter


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