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Brother HE-800A Sewing Machine

Brother HE-800A button hole sewing machine

Sewing Machine

21 built-in sewing patterns

Program selection is as easy as pressing a button on the HE-800A. 90 separate programs can be stored in memory. Furthermore, you can add up to 9 original patterns with programming software for electronic pattern sewer (optional product).

Easy positioning

The presser foot lifter is driven by a pulse motor, so that the height can be adjusted as desired (standard function) for when the pedal is at the neutral position and when it is depressed forward (two stages) and backward. This makes insertion and removal of the material easier and reduces working fatigue.

The presser foot rises only by the height necessary, so that the time needed for it to rise and drop can be shortened.

Easy Stitch adjustments

No need for adjustments such as replacing cutter cams when changing number of stitches.

The cutter vertical movements is driven by a double position solenoid. If not using a cutter, the cutter operation can be deactivated at the press of a key. The cutter operates without slowing down the sewing machine, and the cutter response time is also fast, so that cycle time is reduced and productivity is increased.

Easy-to-use operation panel

There is a program memo pocket provided on the back of the panel. This lets the operator keep necessary information such as a parameter table, program notes and an error code table on hand for easy reference. The operator can select panel position whichever above or below the work table.

 Brother HE800A sewing machine stitch patterns

Vertical buttonholes

Ideal for sewing vertical buttonholes
A wider operating area is available when the machine head is positioned horizontally on the work table.

Purl stitch / Whip stitch

The upper thread tension is controlled by a solenoid, so that setting between purl stitches and whip stitches can be done simply by selecting them on the operation panel. Fine adjustments to the upper thread tension are made using a thread tension nut. The same method that operators have become used to allows the optimum thread tension to be easily obtained


Brother HE800A Electronic Button Hole Sewing Machine


Brother HE-800A

Brother HE-800 electronic button hole

Photo of HE-800A-2 button hole sewing machine

Sewing machine Brother HE-800A spec.

PDF Leaflet HE-800A

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Also available eyelet key hole style model Brother RH 9820


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