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Replaced by Brother S-7200C model

Brother new Industrial Sewing Machines



Brother S-7200B Direct Drive

( Replaces Brother S-7200A )

Single needle direct drive straight lock-stitch with thread trimmer

Brother S-7200B latest model


Brother was the first in the industry to release direct-drive plain lockstitch machines.

The S-7200B (replaces model S-7200A) is Brother's direct-drive lockstitch sewing machine which has been developed after many years of research and success in the market.


Smooth sewing with direct drive system

The direct-drive system optimizes the plain lock-stitching processes that require operator control.

The direct-drive mechanism provides superb levels of reliability through the use of a unique built-in direct drive motor developed by Brother. The S-7200A / S-7200B provides greater responsiveness to the operator's intentions. Minute speed adjustments can be made as required when sewing curves to make sewing even smoother.


Clean sewing with no staining

This model utilizes Brother's advanced lubrication-free technology. Sewing operations are freed from the problem of staining material. The following sub-class is the most popular version available.

          • Minimum lubrication type  S-7200B-403  Max. sewing speed 5,000rpm

A sealed oil tank is used. The oil is kept clean at all times, and it is supplied at the minimum quantity required to enable high speed sewing to be carried out.


Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use operation panel fitted to Brother S7200b

Brother S7200B control panel @ www.sewingmachinery.com

Easy access to the required functions

The most commonly-used functions are located at the front of the L-shaped panel. A symmetrical layout has been adopted as the user interface to make the function locations easy to remember. Plus, they are grouped and colour-coded by the type of function so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Easy-to-understand two-colour graphic display

A two-colour LCD panel has been adopted. The display details can be identified by colour, and easy-to-understand icons are also used.

Sewing speeds are displayed in a sewing speed control display

The sewing speed can be changed easily at the control display, which allows the operator to check the sewing speed visually.

Easy setting using function key

Settings relating to sewing machine operation can be carried out at a touch using the function keys on the operation panel.

The number of stitches is counted

The number of stitches you have sewn is counted and a graphic display lights and buzzer sounds when a pre-set number is reached. The stitch counter lets you know how much lower thread you have used and gives you an indication of sewing length. It can be used as a production counter as well.

Easy to view with no eye fatigue

Because the panel uses a backlit LCD, the displays are easy to see. The glare from the operation panel surface has been eliminated, so that it is much less reflective and does not cause eye fatigue.


Higher sewing quality ( s7200a s-7200b)

Optimized floating presser foot for long pile materials

A micro-adjustable type floating presser foot is equipped as standard. This device is ideal for controlling presser foot floating in materials that stretch easily and materials with long pile. It prevents seam slippage and also prevents damage to the material. In addition, three-dimensional articles with irregular curves can also be handled with ease.

Adjustable tension release operation

You can set whether or not the tension release operates when the presser foot is raised. Uniform thread tension can be obtained even while the presser foot is raised when sewing around corners, thus maintaining attractive finishes.

Presser foot pressure can reset easily

The presser foot adjustment screw has an adjustment scale. The presser foot pressure can be controlled numerically, so that you can reset it easily and accurately when required.

Condensed stitching is possible

This feature is ideal for use when sewing thin materials that can easily pucker when reverse stitches are sewn. Condensed stitches have a smaller sewing pitch and they help prevent fraying.

Stable thread trimming

A rotary-type thread trimmer is used to provide stable thread trimming regardless of the type of material being sewn.


Easy for operators to use

Smooth sewing with no hinge in the way

The position of the machine head hinge has been shifted 150 mm to the right, on the other side of the needle bar from the operator.

Easy-to-operate bobbin winder

The bobbin winder is located at the top of the sewing machine arm. This makes it easy to adjust the bobbin winding amount and to replace the bobbin.

Various commercially available attachments can be installed quickly and easily

A variety of attachment taps are provided on the top of the bed.


S-7200B with brother logo embossed into the casting.

Brother S7200B-403 sewing


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Brother S-7200 spec from www.sewingmachinery.com


Brother Sewing Machines


Replaced by Brother S-7200C model 

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Also available Brother basic flat model SL-1110 sewing machine

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