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Highlead GC198-2

Industrial Sewing Machine with auto thread trimmer

Highlead GC198-2
Highlead GC198-2 industrial sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer system, for general purpose use on light to medium weight garments and materials.

Single needle lockstitch model featuring a quiet Direct Drive servo motor with electronic needle position control and easy push button speed adjustment.

Automatic thread trimming is included with the GC198-2, which is mounted under the needle plate for quick & accurate cutting of thread at the end of a sewing cycle.  This can save considerable time when compared with manual cutting of threads using scissors etc.

A powerful direct drive servo motor is fitted directly onto the sewing machine head;  replacing the bulky motor usually found mounted under the table on conventional models.  The Highlead Direct Drive motor system offers improvements including: quick start and stop, accurate positioning, low noise, little vibration, smooth acceleration and a feeling of greater responsiveness for the operator.  Direct Drive also eliminates the need for a motor drive belt offering improved safety with no exposed belts or additional belt guards.

Power consumption on the GC198-2 is up-to 40% lower when compared with conventional V belt driven models; offering long term energy savings.

The position of the needle is controlled by Highlead's integrated electronic controller.  This will automatically put the needle in an UP or DOWN position (user selectable) at the end of a sewing cycle; reducing the need to use the manual hand wheel.  For example: setting the machine to stop with the needle down is useful when turning corners, or changing direction, as it allows the work to be turned and stitching to continue uniformly.

A clear display touch screen control panel allows different auto functions to be activated with a press of the finger.  For example an operator can set a number of stitches and the machine will stop automatically when the set amount has been sewn.

Programmable automatic back-tack stitching reduces the need to use the manual reverse lever and can save time.  This function is easy to switch on or off;  with the options of start and end auto back-tacking, which is user adjustable from 1 to 9 stitches. 

A thread nipper device is fitted just above the needle bar area. When activated this device pulls the needle thread end into the opposite side of the material, at the beginning of stitching, thereby improving the appearance, by shortening/controlling the loose thread end, at the start of a sewn seam.

An integrated LED needle light is supplied as standard equipment with the ability to adjust its intensity. 

The Highlead GC198-2 offers true and even stitching, user friendly operation, easy maintenance and as a general purpose auto thread trimming industrial sewing machine, it can be used on many types of light to medium weight fabrics & materials.  
Highlead GC198-2 control panel
Highlead GC198-2 with easy touch screen control & automatic thread trimmer
Highlead Sewing Machines
Specification / Features:

Max sewing speed:  5000spm
Stitch length:  1-4mm
Presser foot lift by hand:  up-to 6mm
Presser foot lift by Auto:  up-to 13mm
Needle sizes:  10 to 19
Lubrication:  auto pump type
Direct Drive:  AC servo
Electronic needle position control (user selectable)
Touch screen Control panel
Auto Thread Trimmer
Auto back tacking
Thread nipper device (snap hold)
Auto foot lifter device (with semi auto & full auto options)
LED needle light
Full Sized unit stand and table top 
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