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Highlead GM988-4Z

Overlock Sewing Machine

4 Thread overlocker with Direct Drive

Direct offer £788 +VAT
Highlead GM988-4Z overlock sewing machine
Highlead GM988-4Z industrial overlock sewing machine with direct drive motor system.

General purpose model for stitching light to medium weight materials. Suitable for use in manufacturing a wide range of clothing + textiles and able to produce a well balanced stitch formation, resulting in top quality seams.  

The integrated direct drive motor system operates smoothly and quietly.  The operating speed is widely adjustable & under the direct control of the user.  Up-to 60% energy savings are possible when compared to a conventional V-belt driven clutch type motor system.

Highlead GM988-4Z is the 4 thread version, with 3 thread (GM988-3Z) & 5 thread (GM988-5Z) models also available.

Both the stitch length and differential feed amounts are easy to adjust and set.  A needle area LED light is also included as standard equipment.        
  • Direct Drive motor system
  • Fully automatic enclosed oil system with filter
  • Silicone needle cooling device
  • Differential feed adjusting lever
  • Dial adjusting stitch regulator
  • Top & bottom edge trimming knives.
  • LED needle area light
  • Value for money service items
  • Max sewing speed: 5500spm
  • Stitch length: 1-4.5mm
  • Presser foot lift: 5.5mm
  • Differential ratio: 0.7 - 2
  • Needle standard B27
  • Other specs. subject to sub-class
GM988-3Z = 3 thread model
GM988-4Z = 4 thread model
GM988-5Z = 5 thread model

Integrated Direct Drive motor system

Needle area LED light

Video of Highlead GM988 series direct drive industrial overlock sewing machine

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