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Used Bonadex Sewing Machines

Brother B281 4 needle elasticator sewing machine with

Back puller feed

Electronic programmable front meter device.

Good condition, expensive when new

£1590 +VAT

Brother DT4 B281

Brother B281 chainstitch sewing machine

Kansai 1404 PMD E

4 needle bonadex machine

with programmable electronic tension control.

Good condition fitted with short system folder.   See Photo

£1650 +VAT

Kansai Special 1404 PMD bonadex
Union Special 54200 G

4 needle chainstitch bonadex sewing machine

including back puller feed device & front elastic control meter device.

Currently fitted with bonadex spiral folder device.

Assembled on mobile unit stand

£950 +VAT
Union Special 54200 bonadex sewing machine
Kansai 1404 PMD

4 Needle elasticator with puller feed & front meter device

set with new style short bonadex folder

Kansai Special 1404 pmd
Union Special 54200 J

4 Needle elasticator with puller feed & front meter device, Cream on full union FOA unit stand
union special 54200 J
Union Special 54200 FZ

4 needle chainstitch machine with puller feed & front metre device (Brown)
Union special 54200 FZ
Union Special 54200 KAZ

4 needle bonadex machine

with puller feed, efka needle position motor

and flexmatic electronic elastication system

Union Special 54200 KAZ
Rimoldi 264 11 4EL 09

4 Needle elasticator with back puller feed

& front meter device for use with bonadex elastic

Rimoldi 264


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