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Highlead GC2698-1BN

Narrow Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine

Walking Foot and Large Hook


Highlead GC2698-1BN

The Highlead GC2698-1BN is a narrow cylinder arm, single needle lockstitch sewing machine with walking foot and enlarged 1.4x hook & base.

It features: a heavy duty triple feeding action by way of: bottom feed, needle bar feed and alternating walking foot top feed, which combine together to produce high quality displacement-free seams.

The versatile narrow cylinder free-arm design guarantees improved material handling on three-dimensional items like: bags, gloves, shoes, small leather articles, straps, filters and other such items which can be difficult to handle and stitch on a standard flat bed machine.

The Highlead is of a robust construction for industrial use and its features also include a front mounted bobbin winder for easy use and quick change over, plus a reverse lever with combined stitch length adjuster.

The Highlead GC2698-1BN is supplied as standard complete on a "off the arm unit stand" whereby the cylinder arm overhands the end of the unit stand allowing for easier access and improved versatility.


  • Enlarged hook & base.
  • Versatile Narrow cylinder arm.
  • Heavy duty triple feeding action.
  • Robust construction.
  • Reverse stitch lever.
  • Built in front mounted bobbin winder.
  • Max sewing speed: 2400spm
  • Max stitch length: 6mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 33.4mm
  • Take up stroke: 59.6mm
  • Cylinder dia.: 47mm
  • Presser foot lift by hand: 5mm
  • Presser foot lift by foot: 14mm
  • Needle size: DPx17 #14-19 (Mm 90-120)



  • Binding sewing equipment set
  • LED needle light set
  • Roller Edge guide set
  • Linzbek LB610C/LB650C servo needle position motor with speed and acceleration control.

Highlead Cylinder Arm sewing machine
Useful cylinder arm shape
Highlead GC2698-1BN walking foot cylinder
Walking foot + needle feed + bottom feed
Also available Highlead GC2698-1D model with automatic thread trimmer + full sized electronic needle position servo motor and operator control panel.

Highlead sewing machine logo

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