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Juki Sewing Machines 

Juki Sewing Machines

Juki DDL 8700 sewing machine

Juki DDL-8700
Single needle high-speed lockstitch sewing machine
Juki DDL-8700-7 with trimmer

Juki DDL-8700-7
Single needle UBT lockstitch sewing machine
Juki DDL8100e

Juki DDL-8100e
Economy single needle lockstitch sewing machine.
Juki DDL900A dry oil pan @ braithwaite
Juki DDL-900B
Sewing machine with thread trimmer integrated
Juki DDL 9000B direct drive 

Juki DDL-9000B
Single needle UBT sewing machine with Direct Drive thread trimmer & program
Juki DDL7000A sewing machine

Juki DDL-7000A
Sewing machine
thread trimmer
economy model
DDL-8000A Series

Juki DDL-8000A
Direct Drive sewing machine with thread trimmer & digital control LCD display.
Juki DDL9000CSMS
New Model

Juki DDL-9000C
Direct Drive with thread trimmer & digital adjustment control with LCD display.
Juki MO 6814S

Juki MO-6814S
4 thread overlocker sewing machine
Juki MO 6814S
Juki MO-6816S

5 Thread safety stitch overlock sewing machine
Juki DU1181N

Juki DU-1181N
Top and bottom feed with large horizontal axis hook
Juki DNU 1541

Juki DNU-1541
Walking foot sewing machine
axis hook 
Juki LU 1509N

Juki LU-1509N
Walking foot sewing machine heavy duty vertical axis hook
Juki LU-1510N

Juki LU-1510N
Walking foot sewing machine with auto lubrication
Juki LU2810-7 sewing machine
Direct Drive
Juki LU2810-7
Direct Drive high speed walking foot model with longer arm
Latest Juki special offers:
Juki MO-6814S  £799
 Juki MO6814S with unit stand
Juki MO6814S 4 thread overlocker

with unit stand and motor
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Juki DU-1181N only £759
Juki DU1181N walking foot

The Juki DU-1181N top and bottom feed lockstitch sewing machine with side loading hook. In stock on offer £759

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Juki MO-6816S  £839
 Juki MO6816S overlock
Juki MO6816S 5 thread overlocker twin needle

with unit stand and motor
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Juki DDL8000A  £997
Juki DDL8000A sewing machine with unit stand
Juki DDL-8000A sewing machine
with direct drive and auto thread trimmer

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Juki DNU-1541 only £1498
Juki DNU 1541

Juki DNU-1541 walking foot sewing machine
with horizontal side loading hook

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Juki LU1509N only £2545
Juki LU 1509N

The Juki LU-1509N heavy duty walking
foot machine with vertical axis hook
& safety clutch for preventing hook breakage.
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Juki Sewing Machines
Used Juki Sewing Machines
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New offers:
Walking foot GC0318  £633
Brother S-6280A  £823
Brother S7180A  £993
Juki MO6814S overlocker  £799
Highlead GC0618-1-SC walking foot  £945
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